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Warren County Technical School

5th - 8th Grade
Students in this club participate in a safe and fun environment where they learn how to properly use a bow. Archery is a very popular sport and activity that requires plenty of focus, strategy and exercise.
6th - 8th Grade
Critical thinking, strategic planning, sportsmanship, and teamwork are all part of this club. Students learn the game of chess and help one another improve upon their skills. Teams of players then compete against teams from other schools in chess tournaments.
5th - 8th Grade
Feeling creative and talented? Drama Club is the place to be! Drama not only opens the door to those who love to act, sing, and dance. It also allows the creative talents of a stage crew to build and design sets. Drama Club is for grades 5-8. Members meet 1-3 times a week to put on a play the group chooses. It is a place for creative talents to come to life!

1st - 3rd Grade
Every Thursday morning, students gather in Mrs. Gerkhardt's classroom to study, build, and make continent maps. This across-the-curriculum work allows kids to increase their concentration and recall skills while doing purposeful work. Do you know where New Zealand is? Come and find out!
6th - 8th Grade
Students in this club actively use Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The goal of this club is to design, build, improve, and compete with solar-powered cars they create. Teamwork is necessary as they compete against other teams across the county and state in May.
5th - 8th Grade
The goal of this club is to teach basic videography techniques, including post-production and editing, and ultimately lead to student participation in a local film contest. Students use a variety of technology, including cameras and video editing software, and the club also challenges their writing, acting, and creativity.
6th - 8th Grade
This club provides students the opportunity to learn basic woodworking skills. Participants learn about hand-powered tools and use them to build a project for themselves. Life-long skills are developed during the entire experience.