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How to Be Connected:
- Fill out the Room Parent/Volunteer Form 
- Join our Communication site: and
enter school code: FDUB3Y to join. This is the best way to avoid the "Backpack Blackhole" of communication! You will receive an email when a new announcement or volunteer sign up is posted. You will also be able to view a calendar with upcoming events like school store, after school events, bookfair, etc... 
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About us:
Hello! Thanks for checking out the PTO page. Our PTO is a welcoming place for all parents. Our first meeting is at 6:30pm on Monday, September 11th.  Meetings are informal- while we do get business done in (typically) under an hour, everyone is welcome to chime in and share their opinion. Of course you're always able to just watch quietly if you prefer! We have a great group of volunteers, if you'd like to get started helping, but don't know how- just reach out!! Our contact information is on the committee chairs page.  

Board Members:

Co-President- Danya Bloch
Co-President- Natalie Pinkerton
Treasurer- Lea McDonald
Secretary- Sam Gyorfi

If you have any questions or ideas, please email us at