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White Spotlight
White Spotlight

White Spotlight for January- Mrs. Kenna Pearson

I am pleasantly surprised to be selected as the first White Township Spotlight for 2018. The graduating class of 2018 is the first class I taught when I came to White Township. They were starting school as Kindergarteners. Being an art teacher, I feel like I get to grow with my students. Since I have the students for so many years, I feel that not only do I watch them grow, but also watch them develop and mature into young teenagers. I feel like I really get to know my students before they leave White Township. 

How did I end up teaching? As I was finishing high school, I did not want to be a teacher, even though, most of my family picked that occupation. I graduated from Cooper Union with a BFA and was headed out into the work force, after a quick backpack tour of Europe. That is a trip that I will never regret. Not only did I get to explore beautiful scenery, but I also got to see some of the most amazing pieces of art in person. My biggest disappointment has to be the  Mona Lisa . After waiting on line for way too long, I approached the much smaller than I thought of painting, but it was also behind glass. I was so disappointed. The best part of the trip has to be the Musee' de l'Orangerie where you actually find yourself surrounded by Claude Monet's  Waterlilies  in a big oval room. That's what is great about art, everyone sees something different and likes different things, but none of us are wrong. 

After my short detour, I started my job in a design studio as a graphic designer. The firms I worked for produced package designs for Good Humor, Rose Art and M&M Mars. I was busy and happy, but something was missing. I was given the opportunity to teach at a technical school and achieve my certification alternate route. I jumped on the opportunity and taught 2 1/2 years at Passaic County Technical Institute. I felt like it was the perfect job at the worst time. Although it was a difficult decision, I left the job for a time because I was planning on having a second child and I favored to be home. I subbed before returning to work and when my youngest child was in Kindergarten I went back to work as an art teacher. This was child # 3; I have two boys and then a girl. This time I was teaching Kindergarten- 6th grade. I wondered how the change would be for me when teaching younger students, but I had no problem, since I had young children I could relate to teaching young students. I have to admit, teaching elementary school ages has been more satisfying then teaching older students. I love to see a young child's eye light up when they have created something great, even if it is a small as a circle. My students inspire me. The work they produce exceeds my hopes. They are the reason I come to work every day. I learn from my students and continue to grow with them.