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White Spotlight

White Spotlight

April 2017 Spotlight - Mrs. Courtney Pignataro

I am very excited and honored to be April’s White Spotlight. I enjoy getting to know a little bit more about everyone as they are nominated.

As a kid, I always wanted to become a teacher. My mom is a teacher and I always thought I wanted to do exactly what she did; correct papers with cool red pens, decorate bulletin boards, and order supplies for the students. Little did I know that is not what a teacher does, although, I believed that until I started attending school. When I was in elementary school, I spent many afternoons playing “school” and asked for school supplies every chance I got. I loved having matching folders and pens/pencils. I was a little over the top.  When I was in 8 th grade, my sister went to college to become an Occupational Therapist (OT). I had no idea what an OT did, but wanted to learn more about it. So, throughout high school I completed several observations with an OT and during those observations I realized two things, one I don’t want to be an OT and two, teachers are not the only people working in schools. That is when I was introduced to a speech language pathologist (SLP). After that, I began observing SLP’s in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and school settings, but enjoyed working with kids and being in a school the best. Senior year of high school, I applied to five colleges for speech-language pathology and decided to attend East Stroudsburg University, where I completed both my undergrad and graduate work. After graduation in May of 2015, I applied to White Township and started working here in August of 2015. I have learned and met some wonderful people along the way. I was welcomed by staff, families, and students and have enjoyed my 1 ½ years at White Township.

When I am not in school, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our families. We spend time with his family in New York, and mine in Pennsylvania. I like spending time outside, baking, walking, and skiing. I worked at a greenhouse for a few years and loved learning about flowers. Now that I can keep flowers alive, I enjoy gardening. I also love dogs, especially Poodles. I am working on convincing my husband to buy me a toy poodle!

I enjoy the winter months and always hope for a lot of snow. I grew up spending my winters skiing Friday through Sunday at Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pa. As a child, I was a downhill racer and competed in downhill skiing for many years. I still love to ski, but don’t get to the mountain as much as I used to. I traveled to several mountains across the country and hope to vacation out west again.  

One day I would love to cruise to Greece and Italy, as well go skiing in the Swiss Alps.

One question I am often asked, “Can we play a game?”. I dislike this question because when we play games it takes away from completing each students’ daily objectives. I like to teach the students that playing games is a form of reward. They need to complete their objectives before we can play.   


White Township Consolidated School District
 565 County Route 519   ♦   Belvidere, New Jersey 07823   ♦   908-475-4773 Phone   ♦   908-475-3627 Fax