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White Spotlight

White Spotlight for November- Dottie Buel

I have the honor of being the social worker here at White Township School. Although I didn't always know I wanted to be a social worker while growing up, I was the person all my friends would turn to when they had troubles at home or with other friends. I didn't realize at the time that listening skills and empathy for others could turn into a fulfilling career!  I grew up in a home where my sisters and I had jobs and chores as our responsibilities. My first job was babysitting for many families in our town, I then added another job and became the part-time front desk librarian at my hometown library.  To this day it was one of my favorite jobs! I was able to talk about books, look at books, touch books, do research in books, and share my love of reading with the patrons of the library.  I literally was in book heaven. I almost chose to become a librarian instead of a social worker due to my love of books and reading.

As I worked my way through high school and college, I became drawn to the idea of being a social worker.  When I would share this goal with teachers and mentors, almost everyone discouraged my plan.  Everyone thought it would be depressing and hard to be a social worker.  This didn't discourage me at all, I thrived in my college classes and continue to be happy with my decision to be a social worker.  I have had the opportunity to work in many different settings as a social worker, including homeless shelters, outpatient mental health centers, schools, day programs for the significantly mentally ill, and in pre-adoptive and prevention agencies. All of these settings provided a wealth of diversified learning and the ability to provide support to people struggling to find their way to a healther,  more hopeful future. I know I've learned more from those seeking help than they have ever learned from me and I'm grateful for all the lessons. Thank goodness I've had so many different experiences because I wear many hats and need a variety of skills to be successful as the social worker in White Township School!

Working as a school social worker had provided me the pleasure and opportunity of having more time to enjoy my children and all of their activities. Now that they are moving into their own adulthoods, my husband and I are planning to spend more time as our favorite places, namely the beach, any beach, anywhere with sand and salt water.  The other activity I enjoy is, you guessed it, READING! I continue to read daily and I read a variety of books in all genre's although I love a good mystery! I also listen to books in the car back and forth to work.