White Township Consolidated
School District

565 County Route 519 ♦ Belvidere, New Jersey 07823
908-475-4773 Phone ♦ 908-475-3627 Fax


About WTSD


The White Township Board of Education operates a single PK-8 elementary school located at the intersection of County Route 519 and U.S. Route 46. The district has a pupil population of approximately 300 students at the elementary level and sends approximately 190 pupils to Belvidere High School or Warren County Vocational Technical School on a tuition basis.


The Board of Education, administration and staff of White Township Consolidated School believe that high expectations and developmentally appropriate practices are crucial in preparing our students to move forward with the skills, understandings, and attitudes necessary to lead successful and productive lives. To prepare for this, we believe that all students should acquire the necessary foundation provided through the New Jersey Common Core Content Standards and develop the positive attitude needed to become a contributing member of society. Every effort is made to provide a school environment that will help each child learn and progress in his or her unique way. We recognize that the Board of Education, administration, teachers, parents, and community members must work together in order to ensure that student learning and a strong educational foundation are established at White Township Consolidated School.

Vision & Mission Statements

The vision of White Township Consolidated School is to provide the basis for a lifetime of learning for students who will become confident, productive, and contributing members of a global society. We will fulfill this vision through our mission to afford each student the opportunity to benefit from high quality education in a caring, safe and positive environment with a competent and dedicated staff working as partners with parents and community.

Educational Goals

The school community accepts the responsibility for coordinating available resources in the school, community and at home in an effort to guide each pupil toward becoming confident, productive, and contributing members of a global society. We believe that every pupil should be given the opportunity to:

  1. Develop the ability to think logically and creatively;
  2. Recognize the inter-relatedness of all subjects in the curriculum and relate them to the needs of society;
  3. Learn to express ideas and participate meaningfully in spoken, written, and nonverbal communication;
  4. Search for, organize, evaluate, and apply information;
  5. Acquire the mathematical skills, understandings, and attitudes necessary to be successful in daily lives and careers; 
  6. Understand mathematical concepts, pose and solve meaningful problems, and use technology to solve problems;
  7. Understand fundamental scientific principles and develop scientific skills;
  8. Understand the principles and acquire the skills needed to participate intelligently in public affairs and national, state, and local decision-making;
  9. Understand that the arts are products of complex social, cultural, and
    intellectual trends and that this understanding can lead to creative and inventive decision-making and communication;
  10. Develop the ability to obtain, interpret and understand basic health information and services and to use this information to enhance health;
  11. Develop a physically active lifestyle and understand the benefits of involvement in physical activity; and
  12. Develop positive work habits and self-management skills.